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The new Gsx R 750 and Gsx R 1100 1986: riding impressionPatience does have its rewards. And for those who have been patiently awaiting Suzuki's Gsx R 750 in America after that revolutionary sportbike was introduced in other countries earlier this year, the reward is handsome-and twofold. For one, the Gsx R 750 that finally has arrived on these shores is a slightly more refined machine than the one the rest of the world got first: what's more, the Gsx R 750 has not come here alone. It now has a running-mate in the Gsx R 1100, a bike so potent that those patient Americans who have been waiting for the Gsx R 750 just might thumb their noses at it in favor of its bigger brother.
It's easy enough to see why. Suzuki claims that the Gsx R 1100 weighs just 437 pounds dry and that its 1052 cc engine pumps out 130 horsepower. If that's true, it is from 90 to 160 pounds lighter than its competition, makes just as much if not more power, and has the best power-to-weight ratio of any stock motorcycle on earth. By a wide margin. So it easily ought to be able to chew up any kind of street-going vehicle that comes its way and spit it out its 4-into-1 exhaust.
We learned all of this first-hand at Laguna Seca Raceway, where Suzuki recently staged its world press launch of the Gsx R 1100 - and also introduced the Gsx R 750 to the U.S. for the first lime. We can't verify Suzuki's claims for the Gsx R 1100's weight and horsepower, nor those for the Gsx R 750 (388 pounds. 106 hp). but we can tell you this: If the Gsx R 750's performance can be thought of as dynamite - and it assuredly can - the Gsx R 1100's is nothing short of a nuclear holocaust.
Obviously, then, the 1100 cc Gsx R is more than just a 750 with a simple bore-and-stroke job. Its engine is a slightly scaled-up and beefed-up version of the Gsx R 750's, with few parts that will interchange. So, too. is the chassis different. The Gsx R 1100 incorporates a new aluminum frame and swingarm: a remote-reservoir rear shock (the Gsx R 750's was and still is reservoir-less): a completely redone rear suspension linkage: a new front fork with an electrically activated anti dive system: and an hydraulic steering damper mounted crosswise in front of the steering head. And both U.S. - model Gsx Rs use CV carburetors, whereas the 750s sold elsewhere retain their original slide-needle carbs.

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