Gsxr Suzuki acknowledgments

Info and history of the motorcycles Suzuki Gsxr


Il libro di David Bull sulla storia della Gsx RThere are so many people who generously gave their valuable time to contribute to the research for this book that it's hard to know where to start. Perhaps at the beginning-in japan.

I would like to thank every member of the Suzuki Motor Corporation team for sitting through endless questions and offering intimate and exciting perspectives on all things Suzuki Gsxr. During our time in japan, publisher David Bull and I were warmly greeted and provided the kind of insider access that is seldom seen in modern manufacturing. On our first evening, Suzuki moto executives Masayoshi Ito, Masami Haga and Takeshi Hayasaki took us to the first of what would be many dinners memorable for both the lively conversation and tremendous cuisine.

I would also like to thank Sadayuki Inobe and Hironori Iguchi, Suzuki veterans both, for their contributions to this work. My heartfelt thanks to Suzuki's engineering and styling-design staff at Ryuyo and the Hamamatsu headquarters for their insights and wonderful recollections of the first, the intermediate, and the latest Suzuki Gsxrs.
I would also like to specifically thank Etsuo Yokouchi for his time and energy, without which this book would not embody the complete Suzuki Gsxr story. I would be remiss if I didn't thank Kazuhiro Shiratori and Ryo Shimono, both members of the motorcycle planning department in japan, who were invaluable to us in negotiating our way through the Suzuki moto home office and archives, the Ryuyo testing facilities, the Toyokawa assembly plant, and Hamamatsu traffic, as well.

Their organization, stamina, and enthusiasm were exemplary and critical to the success of the book.
Suzuki Gsxr 1000Back at home, I'd like to thank Glenn Hansen and Garrett Kai of American Suzuki Motor Corporation for their tremendous behind-the-scenes support, including coordinating interviews, photos and artwork, and vetting facts.
They were the human equivalent of traction control for what is inevitably a large and sometimes careening project. Huge props to Tom Morgan and Laura McBride of Blue Design, who pulled off another triumph of style married to substance in the design of this book.

Once again we were on what can only be described as brutally tight deadlines and, once again, Tom and company came through with a beautiful piece of work. And I'd like once more to thank my wife Martha and daughter Millie for their understanding and, in particular, the constant stream of support (and lattes) arriving at my desk at all hours.

Gsxr Acknowledgments